Creating more space at the top of your backswing

Updated: Apr 12

This is a great exercise! If you do this correctly, you will know that you have done something physical because it's quite a work out. It is also fantastic for getting the left arm into a good position and try to squeeze those shoulder blades together if you can.

Stop if you have any pain!

Why would I do this?

Helps Improve the ability to maintain proper connection between arm and shoulder blades in the top of the backswing

What do I get out of it?

It Trains your arms to stay connected at the top of the backswing and not allowed your hands to stray from centre of chest

How do I do it?

A: Stand with a ball between your knees in power position resting your club on you right shoulder, hands on the golf grip (opposite for left hander)

B: Turn your body into the backswing, keeping your knees slightly bent, feet pointed forward and shoulder blades squeezed and parallel to the swing plane

C: Now reach hands away from the centre of the chest, straightening your left elbow as much as possible, with your right upper arm parallel to spine angle.

Eyes on the imaginary ball through the whole process and centre of gravity balanced over the ball.

Sounds technical, the photographs will help though!

How many helps

Days 3 x per week Reps 5 times Sets 3 x 1 minute between

Any problems getting into these positions, give me a call or send me an email to arrange an assessment and let's figure out why!

Take care and please enjoy your golf,


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