Geting your body ready for a corporate golf day

Updated: Apr 12

I don’t get to work with a great deal are the golfers who only play 1 to 4 games per year, getting yourself prepared though is important to prevent soreness and possible injury.

I get the chance to talk and work with a lot of golfers from very good players to weekend warriors who just love the game, all which have different fitness requirements for their game and in their life, one type of golfer that I don’t get to work with a great deal are the golfers that only play 1 to 4 games per year, they may only play in charity or corporate events, in social groups or just when they catch up family or friends every once in a while.

In a health sense there is no doubt in my mind that fitness is one of the key elements in creating more vitality and wellness in someone's life but when it comes to golf specific fitness the golfer that only plays a few times a year probably will not require the benefits from a full golf fitness program for their golf game, training could make a big difference in their life though.

Something the occasional golfer may benefit from leading up to an occasional game of golf Is getting the body ready for swinging a golf club around 70 to 90 times during their up an coming 18 holes, having the body a little prepared for the number of shots you will do in one day can alleviate the chances of pain on the course, soreness after your game and reduce the chances of an injury as well.

One important thing to consider first is how tight or mobile your body is!

There is a sliding scale of people that range from very tight people to hyper mobile, there is a simple way of checking this by yourself to find out where you are on this scale with the 9-point mobility test

As you can see from the images, I am relatively tight, I cannot get my little fingers parallel with the ground (1 point each finger), I cannot touch my thumps on my arm (1 point each thumb), my elbow and knee joints do not bend further than straight (1 point each joint) and I struggle a little to touch my toes (1 point), so I would score a zero.

Give it a go yourself to see what you score.

If you are in the tight range 0-6 points stretching throughout the week leading up to your game would be beneficial, this can be done quite quickly in less than 10 minutes per day.

Here are 3 stretches that can make a difference getting around the golf course

Stretch 1: Open books

This is a flexibility exercise for your pec muscles, upper spine and rib cage rotation, and overall shoulder joints mobility.

Lying on your side with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and your hands and arms extended out in front of you. Try Keeping your knees in contact with the ground, and then rotate your top arm all the way across your body and touch the ground with your forearm or back of your hand on the other side of your body.

Putting a pillow under your head helps too.

Do 10 repetitons on both sides.

Stretch 2: Passive leg lowering

This exercise helps improve the all-important hip hinge mechanics and hamstring flexibility; this exercise is really beneficial for people that sit down a lot throughout the day.

Lying flat on your back in an open doorway, place your right or left leg up against a wall and stabilize your core, have your other through the open doorway. Bring your other leg straight up like the one on the wall, stabilise your spine, then slowly lower the leg in the open doorway to the ground.

Do the exercise 10 times on each leg leading up to your game.

Stretch 3: Figure 4 Walks

This is a great exercise to open your hip joints to increase flexibility and external rotation in your hips

Standing on one leg lift your other leg up and grab your ankle and try to lift your foot up to your waist. Give it a little pull upwards and then return your foot down to the ground.

Repeat this 10 time on each leg in a walking motion.

If you are a mobile or hyper mobile person in the 7–9-point range stabilisation exercises can make a difference to your day out on the course

Here are 3 strengthening exercises that you can benefit from doing the week before your next game.

Stability 1: Bridge with arms

Bridges are a great way to get your glutes working and a lot stronger.

Lie flat on your back with a cushion under your upper back, bend your knees and have your feet flat on the floor, extend your arms out to your side with your palms facing down. From this position push your heels into the ground and lift your pelvis up like in the image.

Focus on squeezing your glutes to lift, you should have the feeling of your glutes engaging with a minimum amount of help from your hamstrings and thighs.

Perform 10 reps of this per day

Stability 2: Supine pelvic tilts

This exercise will allow more mobility in the pelvis/hips, help you to get into a better set up position and help prevent spine problems in the golf swing.

Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Try to tilt your pelvis up and down (arching your back and flattening your back), trying to limit any chest or upper body movement at the same time. Make sure when you tilt the lower part of your pelvis up you flatten your back and draw in or flattening your stomach (like trying to push your belly button to the ground) at the same time.

It's a little hard to see in these photo's you will get the feel of it though!

Repeat this forward and back pelvis tilt for 10 reps each way.

Stability 3: Clams

This is a great exercise for building strength in the gluteus Medius, these are the muscles that stabilise the lateral movement of the hips in the golf swing.

Another exercise lying down I know, it is so beneficial though, this time lie on your side with your knees bent and feet on top of each other. Hinging at the feet, try to open your legs and lift your upper knee towards the roof as far as possible, like a clam shell opening.

Do 10 repletion’s on each side.

I hope these exercises make a difference to your day out on the course, if you have any questions regarding this blog just call me for a quick chat, or for your more in-depth golf fitness needs get in touch to arrange a complimentary golf fitness assessment which takes around 20 minutes.

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